Tesiyi Halloween Giveaway

Tesiyi Halloween Giveaway
From 9:00AM 1th Nov 2019 — 11:59PM 6th Nov 2019 (Hong Kong)

Imuses Giveaway

TESIYI S20 S40 Giveaway
From 20th June-27th June

TESIYI Hinge Giveaway
From 17th May-27th May




Get Opportunity To Win Vape Gear And Accessories on TESIYI Giveaways!

Welcome to TESIYI gvieaway page. You will get opportunity to win TESIYI batteries, Chargers accessories, appearances and coupon code by entering our vape giveaway. We will hold at least one gvieaway a month. Join our giveaways!



How to Enter Our Vape Giveaways

Each giveaway will have different multiple entry methods. Just follow the rules and the more methods you use, the more chances you will have of winning!



We will contact winners via email and announce on the giveaway page.




Contest Open to Vapers Worldwide.


Winners' are free shipping worldwide.


Email us when you have any questiongs.


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