TANK TRUCK ACTION- Malaysia TESIYI is coming

Posted on October 10 2019

TANK TRUCK ACTION- Malaysia TESIYI is coming

Tesiyi is honored to be part of Tank Truck Action-Malaysia as a sponsor.

What is Tank Truck Action?

     VAPEBANG will start the 18 days "Tank Truck- Malaysia" covering all of Malaysia vapor shops in mid-October by self-driving for better understanding the local steam culture of Malaysia, exploring the Malaysian market, and establishing cooperation with the local channels & chain store. In the whole action, we will cooperate with 6 influential domestic brands.


Why choose Malaysia to carry out Tank Truck Action?

Malaysia is the largest e-cigarette user in Southeast Asia (per capita). Malaysia is the world's most watched market again after a policy-driven slide in the US (Illnesses and deaths linked to vaping have continued to increase around the United States). Nowadays, the pod system kit is very popular in China, due to the demand difference in user , the mainstream products in Malaysia market are still open devices.


How to carry out Tank Truck Action?

First: Establishing Communication

In Kuala Lumpur, meeting with most powerful channels & chain stores & e-cigarette chambers & e-cigarette oil companies from Malaysia to establish connection and extend cooperation.

malaysia vapor shop visit

The video for meeting owners of physical stores in China: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av61058481/

Second: Developing Market

Malaysia is the key market in the Southeast Asia. We will visit physical stores one by one by self-driving in all major cities of Malaysia to understand the characteristics, product requirements, operation conditions and end-user feedback of physical stores in different regions and interact with them to promote cooperative brands and products.

The video for visiting different physical stores : https://www.bilibili.com/video/av61057954/

Third: Blending into the Local

VAPEBANG serve as the e-cigarette industry media with brand will participate in the opening ceremony of No 100 stores of Vape Empire, that is the first chain store of e-cigarettes in southeast Asia. Setting up brand exhibition area and participating in local fair from Malaysia in celebration.

Small exhibition video from Malaysia: https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjQ3MTEyODYxMg==.html?spm=a2hzp.8253869.0.0

Fourth: Vape Carnival

VAPEBANG will hold the first steam carnival in Kuala Lumpur together with Malaysia e-cigarette chambers of commerce and invite ordinary players, local web celebrities, owners from physical stores and distributors. The action will be free to open to the public, The brand will present its products.

Tesiyi hope Tank Truck Action will be a complete success.



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