So what’s the advantage of Type-C port Charger?

Posted on May 30 2019

So what’s the advantage of Type-C port Charger?

As we may know, most of current chargers are using Micro USB charger port. Right now Tesiyi special make two new battery charger which using Type C charger port. So what does Type-C means and what’s the advantage of Type C technology?
So what’s the advantage of Type-C port Charger?

The first using of Type C port is on Nokia N1, but this new technology never get enough attention. The highlights of the new interface are a slimmer design, faster transfer speeds (up to 10Gbps) and more powerful power transfer (up to 100W). The biggest feature of the Type-C double-sided pluggable interface is that it supports double-sided insertion of the USB interface, and formally solves the worldwide problem of "USB is never inserted", and the front and back are plugged in casually. At the same time, the USB data cable used with it must also be thinner and lighter.

Appearance feature:


A thinner body requires a thinner port, which is one of the reasons why USB-C turned out. The USB-C port is 0.83 cm long and 0.26 cm wide. Old-fashioned USB ports are 1.4 cm long and 0.65 cm wide, which are outdated. This also means that the end of the USB-C data cable will be one-third the size of a standard USB-A data cable plug.


2. No positive or negative

Like Apple's Lightning interface, the front and back of the USB-C port are the same. This means that no matter how you insert this port, it is correct. Users don't have to worry about the pros and cons of traditional USB ports.


Main function


The maximum transfer rate of the USB-C port is 10Gb per second in theory. But Apple said that the new MacBook's USB-C port has a maximum transfer rate of 5Gbps. The maximum output voltage is 20 volts, which speeds up the charging process. The USB-A type has a limit transmission rate of 5 Gbps and an output voltage of 5 volts for now.

2. All-rounder

The new MacBook's USB-C port can transfer data, charge it, or link to an external display device as a video output port. The only question is how Apple meets users who want to do these three things at the same time.

3. Two-way

Unlike older USB ports, power can only be transmitted in one direction. The power transfer of a USB-C port is bidirectional, which means it can have two transmit power modes. Therefore, the user can not only use the notebook to charge the mobile device, but also use other devices or mobile power to charge the notebook.

4. Backward compatible

USB-C is compatible with older USB standards, but users need to purchase an additional adapter to complete the compatibility. Apple said that not only Apple will sell adapters, but third-party companies can also license production.


The Tesiyi S20 Charger and S40 charger are using Type C charging port for now.

tesiyi S40 battery charger

Here are some main Features:

1. TYPE C input, Faster transfer speeds and more powerful transfer.

2. Intelligent adaptive adapter power charging, can be charged everywhere.

3. Humanized voice reminder function

4. With 0V activation function

5. It adopts VA screen LCD display, wide viewing angle and good contrast. High-end and classy with character on black background , real-time monitoring of battery charging current (A) / charging capacity (mAh) / voltage (V) battery power (%)

6. Using precise PWM control technology , Li-ion/ LiFePo4 batteries are charged by three-stage (TC-CC-CV) , Ni-MH/CD batteries are charged by pulse, professional 0V,-dV, over-time stop charging, over-voltage stop charging and other saturation detection technology, charging is safe and reliable.

tesiyi s20 battery charger


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