Professional E-cigarette EDC-TESIYI Battery and Charger Experience

Posted on April 22 2019

TESIYI Charger

EDC refers to the equipment that is carried daily. For the electronic cigarette user, besides the electronic cigarette device that needs to be carried around, the battery is also an indispensable EDC. Of course, if there is a demand for use, there can be a portable charging device. It's better.

TESIYI introduced two charging devices, T2 and T4, to charge two and four batteries. 

T2 and T4 chargers are only compatible with the 18650 model battery, but as a portable device, and most of the electronic cigarette devices require 18650 battery , T2 and T4 chargers can fully meet the needs of users of electronic cigarettes.

Carrying mobile power is more necessary than carrying an electronic cigarette charger,and when the two are combined, then with a T2 or T4 charger and a few batteries out, it will win more. Whether it is charging an electronic cigarette device or a mobile phone, the T2 and T4 chargers can all achieve the same convenient experience as power bank.



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