Please use high quality IMR battery for Electronic cigarette

Posted on April 22 2019

New TESIYI Battery

    The use of high-end electronic cigarettes can not be separated from the battery, then what kind of battery should be used? There are three types of 18650 battery, IMR battery, ICR battery with protection circuit, and hybrid battery. Among the three batteries,high quality IMR battery is the best choice.

    The IMR battery, also known as lithium manganese oxide (LI MN) battery, is the safest available battery for electronic cigarettes. Because of the use of safe chemical materials, IMR batteries do not require a protective circuit, and IMR batteries can withstand greater pressure and impact.Although it also leaks, it is much better than the reaction of ICR battery. When the protection circuit of ICR battery fails, ICR battery will undergo violent chemical reaction when it leaks, and it will cause fire and even explosion.


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